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Machinist's Bedside Reader by Guy Lautard/Lathe/Drill

Machinist's Bedside Reader by Guy Lautard/Lathe/Drill

Machinist's Bedside Reader by Guy Lautard/Lathe/Drill    Machinist's Bedside Reader by Guy Lautard/Lathe/Drill
The Machinist's Bedside Reader (Volume 1). Projects, hints, tips and anecdotes of the trade. THIS HAS BEEN OUT OF PRINT FOR YEARS AND IS RARE. The 3 books in The Machinist's Bedside Reader series are among the most popular books ever written for machinists! Written in a relaxed style, you'll actually enjoy reading technical information.

The subtitle of the first book says it all: Projects, hints, tips and anecdotes of the trade. These books include detailed instructions and fully dimensioned working drawings for numerous tools and accessories you will want to make for use in your shop. Even if you're a novice, you'll find the instructions easy to follow and very detailed. They also contain much useful and timesaving shop know-how, some of which is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find elsewhere. The information in these books has been gleaned from many and varied sources, including experienced machinists (and home shop guys) who are willing to share what they know.

This first book includes fully dimensioned, working drawings and detailed instructions for several interesting projects including 15 practical machinists tools and lathe accessories such as: a finger plate (flat vise), a caliper-type knurling tool, a jig for sharpening small drills (1/8 to #60), 3 accessory lathe faceplates.... A handsome box latch that will mystify your friends a shop-made sling swivel base PLUS you'll learn much useful shop know-how to help you get things done faster and easier in your shop.

How to sharpen a center punch - properly. What lube to use for tapping and machining copper how to design and fit split cotters. How to hold thin work in the lathe chuck.

You'll also enjoy the several machine shop anecdotes, and the fascinating account of a little lathe made "from nothing" in a Japanese POW camp. And you'll learn "The Secret of the Old Master, " in a heartwarming story by Lucian Cary. One machinist reported that he got a pay raise as a direct result of using a tip from these books because he had enabled his employer to do a job for a profit instead of a loss!

Here is the complete Table of Contents: Introduction Acknowledgements Notes to Reader The Scrap Patrol Standards of Workmanship Cross-Fertilization A Source of Welding Rod for Fine Welds An outfit you should know about Brownell's Inc. Filing in the Lathe and Elsewhere A Low-Cost Granite Surface Plate A Cutting Speed Chart from American Machinist Magazine Two not-so-common Ways of Measuring Holes How to Put on a Mighty Fine Cut Some Notes on Reaming and Tapping Figuring the Minor Hole Diameter for any Thread Drilling to an Exact Depth How to Sharpen a Centerpunch properly! A Device for Indicating Centerpunch Marks to run true in the lathe How to Get More Work Done in the Shop Cold Rolled Steel - What it is, and How to Stress Relieve it A Fix for Electrical Cords that are Hard to Plug In A Jig for Sharpening Drills from 1/8" to #60 (Detailed working drawings) Swivelling Base Fixture for a 2" Wilton Vise (Detailed working drawings) Other ways of Workholding Dividing and Indexing Indexing on a Rotary Table Shop-made Division Plates from Bandsaw Blades Dual Set Screws for V-Belt Pulleys An Excerpt from the fiction story, Strike While the Iron is Hot. Includes info on a fail safe method of heat treating small cutters. Bernzomatic Torches and Homemade Propane Torches How to Make Your Own Reamers How to Make a Caliper-type Knurling Tool (Detailed working drawings) How to Make a Tool for Straight Knurling (Detailed working drawings) A Note re Slitting Saws (and detailed working drawings for a good slitting saw arbor) Fruit Acids and Fine Tools don't Mix Some Notes for Myford Lathe Owners A Simple Lathe Carriage Index Holding Thin Work in the Chuck A Graduated Handwheel for the Lathe Leadscrew and a...

"Rubberdraulic" Slip-Ring Lock Ball Turning without Specialized Attachments, and... An unusual type of Ball Handle for which you'll find lots of applications (Detailed working drawings) Oddleg Artistry - fine and speedy results from "eyeball" methods Grasping Groove Cutter (dimensioned drawings) A Finger Plate or Flat Vise Detailed working drawings Designing and Fitting Split Cotters A Small Scribing Block (Detailed working drawings) Cutter Blocks and Shop Made Cutters Some Info on Silver Soldering A machinists' short story: The Secret of the Old Master, wherein a young toolmaker attempts to learn the secret behind the legendary reputation of a master rifle barrel maker. A Toolroom-grade Sling Swivel Base for Tubular Magazine Rifles (Detailed working drawings) Gun Making (and some info on how one chap made several from scratch) Some Ideas on making Bullet Molds Designing and/or Deciphering Verniers Some Thoughts on Tool Storage The Ultimate Box Latch (Detailed working drawings) Working Drawings for a Machinist's Wooden Toolchest Imitation Ivory The Machinist's Workbench and Other Ideas Simple Workbench Legs Re-babbitting Machinery Bearings Some notes on Photo-Etching How to Handle New Coils of Music Wire Some Workholding and other Ideas from Texas For the Camera Buff Why Not Build a Harmonograph? A Set of Heavy Brass Napkin Rings (working drawings) Model Internal Combustion Engines Clock Making Sharpening Tungsten Carbide Tools A Hand Beading Tool for Sheet Metal Dimensions for Many Sizes of Toolmakers Clamps and How to Make them (Detailed working drawings) Some Notes on Spring Making Tool Stands The fascinating account (and photos) of A Beautiful Little Lathe Secretly Built and Used in a Japanese POW Camp, by R.

Bradley 3 Useful Accessory Lathe Faceplates (Detailed working drawings) Metal Polish - bought and home made The Blueing of Steel Should you turn wood on your metal lathe? A list of suppliers of interest to people who would like this book. 2, Shop Wisdom of Rudy Kouhoupt Set: Vols. I, II, III, IV, Advanced Machine Work, Build an EDM - Electrical Discharge Machining, Using Layout Tools (DVD), Pinstriping Made Simple (DVD), Building a Stirling Hot Air Engine DVD, Drilling, Reaming, Tapping, Milling on the Drill Press (DVD), and many many more similar books and DVDs. ALL YOU NEED TO DO.

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Machinist's Bedside Reader by Guy Lautard/Lathe/Drill    Machinist's Bedside Reader by Guy Lautard/Lathe/Drill